Penguin Bazaar

I’m starting to realize that Nara is the place to be for penguin lovers. That’s where I headed today, dressed in my finest penguin gear. It was a rainy, dreary day, but that didn’t seem to effect the turnout at this year’s Penguin Bazaar.

From the same people who brought you Nara Penguin Land, the Penguin Bazaar is a collection of penguin goods made by artists from all over Japan. Although I recognized a few items from the previous event, there was also a wide array of new items and some new artists as well. Products ranged from stationery, jewelry, clothing, home goods, ceramics, and even plush toys.

Penguins were the star of the show of course, but other sea life made an appearance as well.

With so much to choose from, it was hard for me not to fill my basket with penguin merch, but I finally decided on a cool totebag by ペンギンと and a set of commemorative badges.

The Penguin Bazaar will be held at the Tokyu Hands Nara Store until May 4th.

Penguin Bazaar website (Japanese)

Penguin Bazaar twitter (Japanese)